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'lisa is a breath of fresh air in today’s market place'


mishon mackay, kemptown 



from clients

we have used lisa to help us buy several investment properties in brighton and hove. we could not possibly have done what we have without her. she knows the market inside out. she listens to what you are looking for and she viewed properties on her own to rule them out for us so that I did not have to make too many trips from london. not only does she find suitable properties, she has very good relationships with all the estate agents and often gets access to properties before they have been viewed by anyone else and in a competitive market this is an invaluable advantage. she was also very happy to research and make sure that anything we looked at would be easy to

rent and make a good return. she was happy to act on our behalf in negotiations and got us some very good deals. she is absolutely honest and completely trustworthy. she is just as happy to advise not to buy something as to go for something she thinks would be a good choice.
lisa also helped us refurbish two flats and organised everything, saving us from all the hassle of doing this from a long distance. she made an excellent job of making the flats very attractive without spending too much. she has also helped organise furnishings.
with lisa working with us the whole experience has been enjoyable rather than the difficult and stressful one it would have been without her and with an end result we could never have come to without her help. she never loses her patience or her sense of humour and she seems to have inexhaustible energy. i wholeheartedly recommend her and cannot think of how anyone could do a better job.

alexandra thompson, client


lisa is a consummate professional and i really doubt that we would have completed on the right house so soon without her help; her services were worth every penny. after a very frustrating two-year search she gave us the energy and enthusiasm to focus and drive our house hunt forward. she was always quick to respond to queries and a pleasure to work with. her good relationships with local agents meant that we were able to view properties before their official open days and had a lead on everything new coming to market. lisa went out of her way to follow up all potential leads and drive us for viewings, and her knowledge of planning permissions and building works helped us to cost and assess the potential of each property quickly and easily. her feedback at every stage of the process was always honest and insightful. when we finally found the right property lisa went out of her way to make sure that our offer was top of the pile and subsequently accepted, and she has also helped us to find a reliable builder able to take on the necessary works. thank you lisa!

alison morris, client


i used lisa to find a flat for me and to project manage the renovation as i live in france and it would have been impractical for me to do the work from there. she is very knowledgable about the brighton and hove area, has an excellent relationship with local estate agents and fully understood my brief so as a consequence I put in an offer on a flat after only one day of viewings. she then recommended local tradesmen to carry out the work and ensured it was carried out to a high standard. lisa was a delight to work with - nothing was too much trouble, she provided lots of useful advice and all done in an enthusiastic and friendly manner. i couldn't have done it without her and would definitely use her again.

pat dickinson, client


just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work in getting this house for us. we literally couldn't have done it without you, your help was invaluable. it is already amazing living here and am so pleased we made the move.  louise and dariush, client


i chose lisa to carry out the search for a buy to let property in brighton, having evaluated several other companies  i found her responsive and enthusiastic from the start with a great network in the city. during the process itself she remained professional and gave clear guidance and assistance, narrowing down the choices and providing clear recommendations. she subsequently managed the renovation project on the property and dealt very professionally with the builders and then the tenants, dealing with the inevitable snagging and finishing touches which come with every project. overall I would definitely recommend her services.  michael cockram, client


we worked with lisa for nearly a year to find the right home in the right area. in this time we saw many and varied properties, put in offers until we finally found the one. during this search lisa remained calm, patient, professional and personable.

the vast majority of the properties she took us to see we saw long before they reached any websites and in some cases before they were photographed or marketed by any estate agents. the one we bought, we were the only people to view.

knowing lisa was still on the case when we were away or busy with other life drama’s was worth every penny. she negotiated successfully on our behalf a number of times under unusual circumstances and never made us feel anything was too much trouble. 
june and keith, kemptown, client


lisa has been a godsend! there is no way I would have secured the house i wanted without her help. after seeing a selection, my dream home came on the market but i was going to be out of the country at the time and to top it all it was christmas! keeping my very specific brief in mind, not only did she view it for me, but took her builder with, bid for me, negotiated and won.

all through my dealings with her she was honest, professional and a dream to have on my side. she was happy to pick me up to see houses, gave me practical advice and generally made me feel relaxed about the whole experience when i had been initially dreading it.

the icing on the cake is the respect she receives from the estate agents (no mean feat!) and this meant she was able to cut through all the 'cloak and dagger' to give me the information I needed to make the right decision.

how anyone with a job and a busy life manages to navigate this experience without her is beyond me. lisa is worth every single penny!  lisa stern, client


we have used lisa twice (at the same time) to buy one property, and to renovate another. with the first, lisa was able to arrange priority viewing of a property, we liked it, and we bought it, so it was relatively simple and straightforward. with the second, the challenge was to take a poorly laid out basement flat and upgrade it so that it would command a rental premium, without costing a fortune. lisa produced the ideas, which we could immediately see the appeal of; she recruited the contractors; worked to the budget, and always consulted us when there was a decision to be made that might take us over the initial agreed amount. the final result transformed the flat and attracted the rental income we were looking for. lisa is very professional, knowledgeable, flexible and a delight to work with.  michael edwards, client 


lisa saxena at brighton property hunter, has done a tremendous job for me! not only did she find me my perfect home, she held my hand throughout the whole process. there were five other buyers wanting this house and she made sure that I secured it at the right price (saving me money in the process). before I used brighton property hunter i had lost out on several houses.

lisa has helped me understand the whole house buying process in more detail. she made me feel very comfortable even if when i was being indecisive, and helped me make my final decision.

i really couldn't thank lisa more, and I am so grateful for the enormous part she played in finding our dream home. lisa knows what she is talking about! and the bonus is that she is so friendly and extremely easy to get on with.  rosemary wapplington, client  


lisa at brighton property hunter was crucial in finding me the right investment property in hove. she saved me money in the purchase and made sure i purchased a property that gave me a really healthy rental return. i am looking to buy another with lisa later on in the year.  matthew armstrong, client


lisa has a great knowledge of the housing market in the Brighton and Hove and on top of that, when she’s acting on behalf of her clients, she has great energy and valuable insight.  ian postlethwaite, client


we were looking for a one bed, buy-to-let flat. lisa helped us to find and buy an attractive flat, in a good position, for a good price, that has been easy to rent out. in a competitive market, lisa's contacts and experience of working with local estate agents was invaluable, and she was a very good negotiator. lisa is realistic, knowledgeable, efficient, and it was a real pleasure to work with her, she helped to make property viewing fun again and we would not have got such a good property without her help. susan hanks, client


we can't recommend brighton property hunter highly enough. we had a very specific criteria of property in mind and lisa was able to scour the market for suitable properties, saving us countless hours searching and viewing properties. we were then able to focus our attention on a small selection which fitted our requirements.

her tenacity and enthusiasm is endless, and her experience and vision were invaluable for seeing properties' potential and advising and guiding us through the property market process.
this experience also means that she managed to negotiate a very competitive price for us - which quite literally more than covered her fees - and the countless hours she spent acting on our behalf.
lisa is a joy to do business with and we are pleased to report that we will be moving into our new home next week.
we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending brighton property hunter to all our friends and colleagues - in fact, we already have! thank you again. can't believe we'll be moving into our new home next week!  lisa tourett, client 


from estate agents

it is always a pleasure dealing with lisa from brighton property hunter, quick decisions, very prompt and also looking out for her client. will hopefully deal with lisa a lot more in the future!  fox and sons, brighton


lisa is a breath of fresh air in today’s market place. a property finder who actually listens to her clients needs, and also thinks outside the box for them, and is open to ideas, in a bid to find her clients the best possible property for their needs. a real star, and a genuine pleasure to work with.  mishon mackay, kemptown  


i have dealt with many property finders over the years but none have compared to lisa, who I must say show s great integrity, enthusiasm and is a true joy to deal with. mishon mackay, hove


we would like to say a big thank you to lisa. she has a very professional approach to her work and we are delighted to deal with her and her client’s. her attention to detail is excellent, making sure her client’s needs are met while liaising at length with estate agents where needed. we look forward to dealing with her again and welcome trying to find her clients suitable properties.  baron estates, brighton  


as an agent what can sometimes be frustrating is when buyers don’t have experience of how a local market works, so dealing with someone like lisa is great. most buyers have busy lives and don’t always have time to chat to agents and go back and forth with calls and emails. so for us to know we are working with someone who is dedicated to getting the job done, helps the whole transaction move swiftly. i would have no hesitation recommending lisa’s services to anyone searching for their dream home however meticulous their requirements may seem! austin gray, brighton



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