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I used Lisa’s services when my family and I moved from West Wittering to Kemp Town. We didn’t know the Brighton area at all and had a very strict criteria. We needed a home with good outdoor space for our three dogs, within walking distance to our children’s school – something that’s not always easy to find in the area.

Lisa quickly understood what we were looking for and was able to show us many different areas around Brighton, introducing us to the best areas and those with potential. Lisa educated us in the local property market so that when we came to make our final decision, we were armed with all the right information.

With excellent contacts and an outstanding reputation, Lisa was able to get us in to see properties that were not yet on the market – as well as some that had been taken off the market. At every stage she was very patient and professional. She really understands the property market and knows the local estate agents very well.

One of the best things about working with Lisa was the amount of time that she saved us. As we weren’t based in Brighton, it could have been difficult to schedule in viewings but we were able to meet with Lisa for a full day and see a range of properties, so it was a really efficient use of our time.

Lisa also helped us through the negotiation period. Her expertise came to the fore as she gave us very good instructions to help us secure the best price. The negotiation process went smoothly because of her professionalism and knowledge.

I’ve stayed friends with Lisa since our property search and have already recommended her services to many other people looking for property in the area.


Alexander O'Neal (

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